Synthetic potential-dependent transmembrane channels

Synthetic membranophilic, α-helical polypeptides were structurally modified and their self-assembly forming experimental ion channels in lipidbilayer membranes was studied. Biophysical investigations of the channel properties (G.Boheim) allowed the proposal  of a molecular model for the potential-dependent current fluctuations. The α-helices were stabilized by incorporation of α-aminoisobutyric acid (Aib) residues as found in the natural channel former alamethicin. Time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy, many X-ray analyses, 2D-NMR, CD, and molecular dynamics simulations supported the structure-activity studies.  A most interesting enantiotopomerization has been detected by NMR of 310-helical Aib oligomers.

Enantiotopomerisation of 310-helical (Aib)n homopeptides

Alamethicin Fullerene Conjugate

Single channel current fluctuation pattern of synthetic alamethicin F30

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