Key publications and Summaries of Selected Research Projects

  1. Sequence motifs of naturally processed and MHC-bound peptides: The elucidation of the “immunological code”
  2. Combinatorial peptide libraries in assays to determine exact MHC-binding motifs and T-cell receptor recognition
  3. B- and T-cell epitope mapping of viral proteins
  4. Synthetic lipopeptide vaccines with B-, T-helper- and T-killer cell response and built in adjuvanticity
  5. Vaccination with mRNA
  6. Automated multiple parallel production and analysis of peptides, peptide mimetics, and combinatorial libraries
  7. Structure-activity relationships of neuropeptide Y (NPY)
  8. Structure elucidation of antimicrobial polypeptides, their ribosomal biosynthesis and posttranslational modifications
  9. Structure elucidation of new iron chelators from microorganism
  10. Novel biologically active, microbial metabolites
  11. Combinatorial organic chemistry
  12. Sensor surfaces functionalized with peptides
  13. Synthetic potential-dependent transmembrane channels
  14. Transmembrane channel proteins, binding studies and DNA delivery
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