Automated multiple parallel production and analysis of peptides and combinatorial libraries

Drug research and development require increasing numbers and amounts of analytically defined peptides and peptide mimetics. We developed automated methods for the simultaneous fast production of thousands of single peptides in preparative amounts and of peptide mixtures (peptide libraries). Mainly by solid-phase synthesis free and labelled peptide collections for application in receptor research, diagnostics and immunology (EMC microcollections) are prepared. Products are characterized by HPLC-MS, ICR-MS, capillary zone electrophoreses (CZE), pool sequencing (libraries), and chiral analysis. Cyclopeptide libraries are synthesized for drug finding process and basic research.

Minimal epitope mapping of rt-PA using overlapping 4 to 9 – peptides for binding to moab (Pepscan – ELISA)

ESI-MS of Hexapeptide Library HAXXXa, 183 peptides (X, all-L-amino acids except C,W; ((a=D-Ala))

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