Structure elucidation of antimicrobial polypeptides, their ribosomal biosynthesis and posttranslational modifications

Microcins and lantibiotics are families of polypeptides, synthesized via precursor-proteins and posttranslational modifications at serine, threonine and cysteine residues.  Thereby side chains and backbone are transformed to give sulphide rings, 2,3-didehydroamino acids, D-amino acids, oxazole and thiazol rings. 3D-structures of the resulting conformationally restricted polypeptides have been elucidated. In cooporation with microbiologists (F.Götz and H.-G. Sahl), their biosynthesis, the sequences of prepeptide intermediates, sequential analogues and importantly the novel peptide modifying enzymes were elucidated. Thus the molecular basis of a novel protein engineering with defined construction of unusually modified peptides was established.

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Biosynthesis of McB17

Solution Structure of Gallidermin and Sequence of Epidermin

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